Who we are:


DYNAMITE MINDS is a commodity brokerage firm based in Rosebank Johannesburg, South Africa with more than 5 years of experience in deal facilitation, acquisition and management of precious metals around the globe.


We are a “hands on” company with strong networks with sellers, buyers and refineries in several countries.


At DYNAMITE MINDS we believe wealth goes beyond embracing sound financial and wealth management. Building sustainability and managing risk are the cornerstones to a long and lasting business in the precious metals market.


Our services are tailored to ensure that our partners and clients have access to unparalleled investment opportunities in a secure, reliable and predictable environment.




Consolidate ourselves as a commodity brokerage company through the facilitation of commodity deals in the precious metals industry and achieve economies of scale.


We achieve these objectives through forming strategic partnership agreements with buyers, sellers, brokers, facilitators and other parties.


Our Services


DYNAMITE MINDS provides commodity brokerage services related to the sale and purchase of gold ore bars, gold bullion, rough diamonds, coal, chrome and other commodities. 


In addition, we facilitates the sale and purchase of financial instruments such bank guarantees (BG), standby letters of credit (SBLC), MTN’s, bonds stored in banks, etc.


Our Principles


DYNAMITE MINDS have structurally assembled a very unique set of principles in the way we conduct business –transparency, trust, leadership and creativity.


These core values will allow us to grow and gain the confidence of several partners and affiliate corporations. We are building solid relationships with our partners, among which include buyers and sellers, other agencies around the globe.


We treat our clients with courtesy and integrity.


We guarantee realistic, honest l advices that achieve results.


Services provided by DYNAMITE MINDS are focused on ensuring our clients sustainability. This implies working towards meeting the highest international environmental and social standards.